Capitalism doesn't incorporate any notion of social responsibility. But people use it to foster a system of social irresponsibility. So why do humans, who are inherently »


I wish it had been earlier for me to get this advice: To Be a Better Listener, Embrace the Awkward Pause. Here's another related article that »

.concat() Highlights

The first ever .concat() web development conference was a blast! First of all, the organizers have been extremely thoughtful with making sure that everybody could feel »

Designing Software for Security

A spot-on note about software design by Colin Percival: Assessing the security of software via the question "can we find any security flaws in it?" is »

Bullshit Jobs

That article on the phenomenon of bullshit jobs accurately describes the dynamics of our current economic system: The ruling class has figured out that a happy »

Linux Capabilities

One reason why people sometimes execute network services as superuser (i.e., root) is the fact that Linux, like most operating systems, doesn't allow non-privileged users »